4 Blunders That Decrease Selling Price

4 Blunders That Decrease Selling Price

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4 Blunders that could impact your home’s selling price

To homeowners, selling a home may look easy and simple. This may make you think you can do it without the help of professionals. However, those who have been trapped in the process can testify that selling is more than just listing for sale. Every step you take counts and a wrong step can scare off buyers resulting in a loss. Sellers need to be enlightened on ways to prevent mistakes that can reduce their home’s sale price.


Bypassing a real estate professional

The first and most common mistake of all is thinking that you can do the work of a realtor. Most homeowners think selling a house only requires listing it for sale but there’s more to it than that. Selling your home requires a lot of work and this can be done incorrectly if a professional is not involved. Therefore, it is very important to invite a real estate professional to work with you during the process. Real estate investors know what it takes to find the right person to buy a house.

Not carrying out a home inspection before listing

A home inspection helps the homeowner and the buyer to know the areas of the house that need more attention. Hence, carrying out a home inspection prevents the seller from giving wrong information on the listing. It is very important to carry out a home inspection before listing the house for sale. This helps to prepare the required documents and to give the buyer a good impression about you.

Overvaluing the Property

Another key point that can scare off prospective buyer is the price of the house. The cost of renovating a property doesn’t determine its listing price. This is the main reason you need to hire a real estate professional to take care of all necessary needs and to come up with a valuation for the house. Buyers only care about the value and quality of the property and not what the cost of the renovations was. For this reason, it is very important for sellers to consult with a realtor to prevent having their home sitting on the market for months.

Spending more on upgrades

Instead of preparing their home for sale, most homeowners get carried away with the upgrades. Unknowingly to them, the listing price of the property is based on several factors. Although carrying out upgrades are good, preparing it for sale is better because it will increase the “return on investment” (ROI) without spending as much on the renovations. Preparing your home will keep you from spending unnecessarily. Working with a realtor will make it easy to work on  vital areas instead of spending on unnecessary repairs.


With the points above, I believe you now realize selling your home is not an easy task as you think. It requires a great attention to details to reach an agreement with the prospective buyer. You should visit a professional realtor to put you on the right path. Also to prevent you from unnecessary hassle before listing it for sale.

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