Three reasons why you need Renter’s Insurance

Posted by David Gomes // February 12, 2018

The importance of insurance is not a new thing. It is needed in all aspects of life. Home, life, car and medical insurance coverage are very important and necessary to protect and fund you in case of accident or emergency. Even as important as taking insurance is, many people never considered it necessary. According to […]

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4 reasons to not “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO)

Posted by David Gomes // January 17, 2018

For Sale By Owner (FSBO – which is pronounced as “fizz-bow”) is the process where a home is directly sold by the owner to the buyer without working with a professional real estate agent. The benefit of FSBO is that it prevents the seller from paying the commission of the final agreed amount to the […]

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Sell house fast Boynton Beach

Posted by David Gomes // January 11, 2018

Before you can sell house fast Boynton beach, steps need to be taken by the seller to attract buyers and to increase the home value of the property. This should be done to increase the value of the home and to attract buyers. Home buying processes are numerous and cover a large aspect when you […]

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Factors that affect mortgage interest rates

Posted by David Gomes // December 14, 2017

If you want to buy a property but don’t have the capital to pay for it with cash, the next option is to take out a mortgage loan. By taking on a mortgage to buy the property, you would have to pay a staggering amount of interest throughout the term of the loan. However, what […]

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Things To Know In A Seller’s Market

Posted by Emmanuel Ajala // December 2, 2017

things to know in a seller's market

The main reason most home buyers find it difficult to get their dream house is when there’s a “seller’s market”. A seller’s market is when the demand is higher than the available houses listed. This prevents most buyers from getting their dream house because more people are clamoring to buy that house you also want. […]

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Sell House Fast Milton MA

Posted by Emmanuel Ajala // November 20, 2017

Sell house fast Milton MA

Sell House Fast Milton MA Ever think of selling your house and for a huge price but never receive any calls from prospective clients?  Why don’t you try contacting real estate investors like us at Fsepartners? Many homeowners find it difficult to get their home out of demand. This can be because there is too […]

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4 Home Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Emmanuel Ajala // November 5, 2017

Many homeowners perform renovations on their home before they list it to increase its value. Home renovation is one of the most important processes you can do to increase the value of your home. Although it may look easy, if done incorrectly, it can cost more than building a new home. Mistakes can be very […]

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4 Tips To Know Before Buying A House

Posted by Emmanuel Ajala // October 26, 2017

Buying a house can be somewhat tedious, especially for new home buyers. But doing what you are expected to do can relieve you of the stress in the process. Most buyers, even multi-time buyers, find it very frustrating and difficult to locate what they want. We’ve been in your shoes and we know how daunting […]

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Sell House Fast West Palm Beach

Posted by Emmanuel Ajala // October 7, 2017

Sell House Fast West Palm Beach Have you ever listed your home for sale but received no response for a long time? Why don’t you try contacting real estate investors like us? Deciding to sell your house is a huge proposition and listing it and finding a buyer on time is another. The result you […]

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4 Blunders That Decrease Selling Price

Posted by Emmanuel Ajala // September 27, 2017

House for sale

4 Blunders that could impact your home’s selling price To homeowners, selling a home may look easy and simple. This may make you think you can do it without the help of professionals. However, those who have been trapped in the process can testify that selling is more than just listing for sale. Every step […]

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